Chris Coates Nickname: Coatesy

Team leader and founder of DAY56, Chris has been at the forefront of the fitness industry for over 17 years.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science gave him many opportunities, one of them being the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Perth Glory Football Club.

Chris now works very closely with the general population, his passion to building a strong team that truly inspires, educates and mentors the community to have fun, whilst living a healthy and prosperous life. His commitment to ongoing research, education, and through trial-and-error show’s first-hand when it comes to client’s transformations.

There will always be demons sitting on your shoulders, trying to hold you back, telling you not to take risks, telling you it’s ok to quit!! But the reality is, you don’t want to quit, no one wants to quit… You and only you can make the choice to confront those demons head on and smash your goals. But rest in mind, every goal needs a deadline, without a deadline you will forever procrastinate and you will forever be influenced by others. When you make that decision to come train with us at DAY56, your first deadline to achieving success is 56 DAYS.

Let’s go.


Lauren Coates Nickname: Flower

Co-Founder and Super Coach, Lauren has over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry. Lauren has dedicated herself to the love of training and living a healthy, happy life.

Fitness Competitions are at the forefront of her expertise, Lauren has an extensive amount of experience with over 10 years competing and winning titles in both Bikini Diva and Figure divisions. Lauren grows and learns through hands on experience, getting in the trenches to find out what works and what doesn’t. She has been Coached by some of the most respected Coaches in the industry to make sure she brings her best Figure to stage every time.

Lauren is a practitioner of her craft, she is that person you want to surround yourself with, passionate, caring, 100% committed to making a positive impact on people's lives.

“Never stop trying” “Never stop believing” “Never Quit”


Novie Joe Nickname: Pending

Super Coach, Novie has been mentored and Coached by DAY56 Founder Chris Coates to bring the best Coaching services to you and your goals. Her vibrant, motivating energetic personality is out of this world, so when you are in her presence you want nothing more than to train hard and capture the moment. Combine this loving, caring nature of a human with the skill set to help you become a better version of yourself is a rarity to find  

Novie’s words: 

Staying active and involved in the fitness community has personally helped me overcome some of the most challenging mental and physical struggles. My journey in Health and Fitness has made me tremendously strong and independent, and my passion now lies in helping others build a healthy and happy relationship within themselves.