What We Do

Implement positive behaviour and life changing results!! 

DAY56 actually deliver Personal Training in a group setting with specialist coaching and program design

Our vision is the upmost quality of service through education, program design, nutrition, training, mindset and recovery.

We are here to build a strong community, we are here to show you to to train correctly and we are here to get you world class results.

Why We do it

We care about every person who wants to make changes to their lives through Health and Fitness.

We are passionate about your results and the way we program, which is why we have systemised our programs to exceed your expectations.

There is no better feeling than to watch you transform your physique and become the best most healthiest version on yourself. 


A results based personal training and group personal training studio, who actually specialise in Fat Loss and 56-DAY Transformations. 

DAY56 will monitor and track your progress using our state of art body IN-Body Scanner, photos, nutrition, sleep, mindset and recovery.

We have over 9 different workouts and 50 classes to choose from throughout the week. Every class has been carefully designed to progress you over time and guarantee the results you're looking for.


Our Timetable